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On having seen it live, it is not necessary to ask him if he love it. On the stage shows an honest commitment with the musical arts. About it this Salvatore says: " When you think about the crossed way and you realize that every instance, every moment of your life has been engaged with the music, thereís no doubt that you love your profession, you realize that the stage is the best place to be; It is the only antidote for the sadness, the right solution for the problems and the balsam of life " His artistic identity has been forged by a lot of work in diverse areas of the music and the communications: The passion, the aptitude to improvise and the interpretive force, inherited from the experiences of the Blues, Rock and Soul. The versatility unfolded in several years dedicated to the production of radio musical advertising and documentaries; The very deep sound knowledge allow him to deliver a very stylish audio results. Being a visual artist shows a deep desire to transmit not only with sounds, thatís why he shows different kind of visual support and mixture of elements on live shows. His musical work is delineated principally in two areas: Original music creation and live performances. The live shows are based in his favorite singers (Sinatra, Elvis, Tom Jones, Elton John). Also thematic shows like IMAGES and MELODIES, his more recent offer where interprets Disney's classics, movies sound tracks and Broadway themes, with visual support of every work. About original music, his first album "City Club" has been distributed in Buenos Aires Argentina. The first single "Better Life", is rotating for several months at the main radios. During 2011, Salvatore promises to edit the second album, being recorded.

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