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Jessica Clark-McDowell

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Jessica Clark-McDowell is literally a modern day Christian paradigm (model in which others arrange their thinking after). She is a former model turned role model that uses her experience and knowledge of the industry to get the word into ALL of the world as Jesus commanded in Mark 16:15. Born and raised in an abusive home in the poverty-stricken Ohio Valley, Jessica Clark-McDowell sought change personally, locally, and nationally. After working intensely with God to find healing in her own life, she then began to reach out to others around her. She wants nothing more than to help set others free from oppression and will fight to do so in any way God leads. Jessica is known and often criticized for reaching out to those that other Christians prefer to overlook or condemn. She is also takes a lot of heat from fellow Christians for reaching people through unconventional, less traditional methods. This led her to declare what she calls “war on religion” in July of 2008. Jessica is also an author, public speaker, and founder of various organizations and ministries. She is always coming up with new, creative ways of reaching others for Christ and absolutely refuses to stay stuck in the box of the normal religious thinking and is determined that she will not limit God.

While she is a role model, Jessica prefers for others to view and treat her as an equal. She loves to hear from all of her friends, fans, and critics and tries her best to respond to all messages and comments personally. She is always open to listening to others’ thoughts and ideas and enjoys helping others pursue their own dreams and visions.

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