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Dirty Nails

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Dirty nails music band came to presence in 2008 when a group of enthusiastic musicians met and decided to play and compose original music. The Band: Established in 2008 Dirty Nails could only be described as a fusion of youth and talent as they aim to captivate their audience with different tastes of music. The band was inspired by the genres of Rock, Reggae and blues music and this can be reflected in their tunes and spirit. Dirty Nails works toward popularizing these genres throughout Maldives as well as abroad.

How it started; Two dedicated musicians who used to play resort music together met up and decided to form up a band to create and promote original music. As one had the melodies while the other had the lyrics to go well with their passion, they stared creating original music that pleased their listeners. And so it turned a new page in their music life. Together as a team they handpicked young, talented and enthusiastic musicians to join this group. The band is professionally managed and handled by an efficient team with the aim to promote this bandís fine music and talent.

The Music: Dirty Nails pursues a steady career in performing resort music. They can build the ecstatic buzz for the most happening discos and at the same time bring it down to create the most romantic and mellow atmosphere. All in all Dirty Nails can create the ambience and mood desired by their audience. They have been performing in major resorts like Four Seasons, Banyan tree Maldives, Anantara resort, Giraavaru etc.. Plus they also have performed on local stages in male and several other locations throughout Maldives since the formation of the band.and they already decide itís enough to play mixed genres, and choose legendary rock.trying to create the stuffs with poor flavored of legendary rock

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