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Forgotten Saints

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Spawned and inspired from a decade of decadence and debauchery emreged the hard rock/metal band known as Forgotten Saints. It was a time of war, economic depression and decadence. The decade was 1980-1989. One of the world's most memorable decades that tainted the music industry with some of the most controversial rock music, metal bands, rock ballads as well as lavish partying the world had ever seen. Three decades later Hard Rock and Metal music have remained on their respective thrones inspiring new generations and creating memories time and time again since their inceptions. Forgotten Saints takes you back to this decade as it truly was.

Formed in 2010 by lead guitarist Lokki Saints and bassist/keyboardist KP Bladez in Phoenix, Arizona the two would later create an undeniable force to be reckoned with. With a vision in mind Saints and Bladez began their quest to complete the Saints line-up. Seeking only musicians who not only lived in the 80's but were true A circuit musicians with a look and an edge. After various calls, emails and countless auditions the Saints eventually compiled a vicious and staggering ensamble that would later awaken their local scene and catch the attention of press from just their first show. With current media hype and an arsenal of growing fans (local, Youtube, MySpace, Facebook) Forgotten Saints marketing executives forged a comic book signing with award winning artist Roy Young (Chaos Comics, Spawn, Lady Death, Evil Ernie and The Villikon Chronicles) for an all exclusive Forgotten Saints comic book not yet titled and scheduled for release soon! (*TBA)

Even from the band's inception the Saints realized the potential of what they had to offer. There was an immense buzz about the Saints from several local scenes long before the famous footage caught on film from 910 Live. They knew in order to make an impact they would have to hone their musical skills, image and shows beyond the norm to bring back the true 80's concert vibe and deliver it with a devastating blow once on stage. Armed with their black leather regalia, iconic rock star images and high energy personalities it's no wonder that it only took one mere show to catapult The Saints into an overnight sensation. Forgotten Saints are constantly evolving into a machine that cannot be ignored and simply will win audiences over hand in hand once they have witnessed the true tenacity of this amazing band. The Saints do not perform shows! They entertain and are an event!

Forgotten Saints is completed by howling vocalist Tony Noyes, Axe grinding lead guitarist Lokki Saints, fangs delicious lead guitarist Jimmy Cat, four stringed terror bassist/keyboardist KP Bladez and skin bashing pile driving Deech on drums. These five members bring forth a polished hard rock/metal event and a sound that is immensly astounding as well as remarkable to the original recordings of the great bands that will never be forgotten!

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