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Wife Beater Gang

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ARTIST BIO Alamo Al (“Alamo”) Oulds was born in South Side Jamaica, New York; and raised in Laurelton. Currently residing in the Orlando, FL area (Kissimmee to be precise). Growing up in the “hip-hop” era and listening to different artists from 2Pac, DMX, Eminem and many others, made rapping second nature to Al. In high school, Al was well known for his freestyles and gained notoriety in the streets as a local rapper. All artists are unique in their own way, for Al his extensive vocabulary and super cocky flow makes him standout! LL Cool J, Nas, Lost Boys, G-Unit, Dipset, Byrd Gang, Stack Bundles (RIP), Lil Wayne, Eminem, Big Pun, Beatnuts and a few others mostly influence Al. Ballestplaya Noelmo (“Ballestplaya”) Melo was born in Luanda, Angola. Grew up most of his teenage years in Lisbon, Portugal, moved to Taunton, MA at the age of 15. Currently residing in Kissimmee, FL. Unlike most rappers BP didn’t grown up writing rhymes or rapping, he was more interested in building and taking about computers and other electronics. As an artist Noelmo has a unique flow and accent, setting him apart from the competition. Noelmo is mostly influenced by: Ludacris, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, The Game, Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana, Jagged Edge, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and a few others. Follow me on Twitter: @Ballestplaya Jeff Li Jeffrey (“ Jeff Li”) Cardoso was born and raised in Brockton, MA. Currently residing in Kissimmee, FL. Jeffrey grew up listening to rappers such as Big L, AZ, Eminem, Wu-Tang, Max B, Bob Marley, 50 Cent, D-block, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, and 2 Pac. MORE ABOUT WIFE BEATER GANG Wife Beater Gang How did you guys come up with that name? Sounds offensive! It’s not meant to be offensive at all!!!! When we first started rapping together we used to always be wearing sleeveless t-shirts aka muscle shirts aka wife beaters, lets face its hot in Florida most of the year... So when we started getting a little more serious we needed to come up with a group name so naturally we thought of Wife Beater Gang!

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