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Born oct. 17, 1990 Fernando Salinas was born in a life of drugs and chaos on the eastside of Reynosa Tamualipas located in mexico. Having his uncles affliated with the mexican Mafia surrounded Fernando with a life of danger and constant paranoia. At the tender age of 8 his uncles were using him as a mule to carry drugs across the border and to local neighborhoods. Then after several years of being under the radar his uncles were finally caught and Fernandos family left to the USa to make a honest living for themselves, but after many hardships Fernando return to what he knew best, hustling. At the age of 12 he was making an decent profit off another peoples merchandise. But just like in Mexico, tragedy struck when one of his partners he was associated with committed suicide Fernando looked for other means of making money and then he heard the album that introduced him into rap "Get Rich or Die Trying." Fernando quickly hustled to be able to buy a mediocre studio and the Dynasty started along with fellow schoolmates they formed the MIA clique which led to the birth of "Nando" Fernandos alias in the rap game. They were a force to be reckoned with in such a small town no one contested the cliques territory or even merchandise they quickly established a monopoly on things coming in and out and with the same customers they sold, they passed along cds which also gave them control on the music scene for quite some time. Then Nando moved back to texas a 13, He was cliqued into the Crips which led to a more dangerous life and more people to pass on the word of his rap ability this is also where he met up with JVL and came together to form the Real Talk Clique after being able to ink a deal with Deka Records. Now the stage is set for one of the most diverse and complex rap group to hit the scene and with so much buzz and so many followers they are sure to leave the rest of the rap game in ruins.

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