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Danni Ai

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“We all have that inner place ~a sense of belonging ~ that place within us, and through the phases of life, whether it be Soul, Reggae, Pop or R&B I find that "ME", that sense of empowerment, reassuring me that it's alright to simply be and love the true me…Danni Ai, unconditionally.” Danni Ai: 爱 \eye\ (to be fond of; to love; affection) ...her music reflects the reality of a young girls’ transition to womanhood. The strength within these lyrics, promises to bring renewed hope, wonder, and possibility. This project should embrace you with a desire to sing, dance, live, believe and love again.

Born in Jamaica, with an exotic mix of Asian decent, Danni Ai recalls always being a little different. With her dynamic personality and energy, she has always stood out from the crowd. Her sweet and sultry voice, infused with her poetic native chant, versatility and stage presence, lend to her universal appeal. Danni Ai, the artist, strives to break through barriers with her latest endeavor, just as she made her way through the “iron gates”. When asked, at what age she began singing, Danni chuckles, as she recants this "iron gate" story, which was her family's first indication of her passion to sing. “Well, I was a year old, when I figured out how to open the “iron gates” around our property. I found my way across a busy street, and into a church, where my mom discovered me singing three hours later”. To no one’s surprise, her debut came about four years later with an astonishing stage performance in a recital”. A few of Danni’s musical influences include, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Hudson. Danni's music is versatile and infused with the production the Grammy nominated producer, Allen "Allstar" Gordon. Through Allstar’s musicality and creative influence, an undeniable artist has emerged. This project promises the essence of music that makes you feel good again. “The vibration of my music should touch everyone…that's what I want.... bringing you music that makes you want to move"!

“Your reality is what you make it..though tears may have been shed along life’s journey, I celebrate in the essence of living the life you love, and loving the life you live...With songs such as, "Unlucky", "Make Him Wait" and "Loose The Loser" undoubtedly, "Storyteller", is just the introduction.---Danni Ai

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