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Ash Louis

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Ash Louis is a New York based comedian/author. Known for his clever style of comedy, mixing random jokes, word play, and stories. He can be spotted in comedy clubs all around New York, and has gained a following for his unique persona and style.

His first book A Story Unintentional in Retrospect is a hilarious collection of thirty stories written as excerpts from fictional novels, titles and all. It's been praised as randomly funny, and highly original.

His second book Courage and Honor is a humorous fiction set with the backdrop of the Anglo-Egyptian war. Yup. That Anglo-Egyptian War. Or it's a buddy cop novel about two detectives named John Courage and Wesley Honor. I'm not sure, I haven't read it. Ash also makes special appearances as one half of the musical comedy duo Tijuana Yacht Club with comedian Jennifer Kwok, and has worked with Kevin Tor on the infamous Butterface video (mentioned in Rolling Stone and and with sketch group "Freshwater Picnic" (recently on Twilight: the Musical).

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