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Sylvester the Jester

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UNIQUE Sylvester's show is a unique and surreal theatrical experience created through the art of stagecraft, acting and the adaptation of one-of-a-kind visual and audio effects. Plus there is verbal and physical comedy. His show invites adults to relive the wonder and excitement of childhood and itís packed with jokes and visual gags. ORIGINAL CHARACTER Center stage is Sylvester the Jester - a self styled, real live cartoon. He is an affable, laughable character who is everything that his TV cartoon counterparts are. His costume, voice and physical appearance are skewed. His movements and expressions are comical, impossibly exaggerated and punctuated by wacky sound effects. CARTOONISH COMEDY But poor Sylvester the Jester is also fish out of water, though and as he attempts to thrill his human audience, he is often maimed in bizarre, cartoonish fashion. His eyes pop out the size of grapefruits, his jaw drops to his chest. When he tries to play a little tune for them by ear, smoke literally billows from his ears. Similarly, when he attempts to demonstrate his wacky inventions, his face gets ripped off or flattened, a finger is smashed, his arms stretch to the floor...or even his head is completely blown into the air. The overall effect is utter mayhem - thrilling and hyper kinetic! Yet Sylvester the Jester is merely well-meaning and playful. Audiences tend empathize with him as he gets pulled, squished, squashed and contorted in unfathomable ways. And they laugh each time he overcomes all misfortune and exclaims, ďBack to Normal!Ē Moreover, they laugh at the further absurd ways he tries to remedy his situation. He will iron his face back into shape or apply some high voltage jumper cables when heís feeling a bit run down. When a band-aid canít be found, a staple gun is always a welcome replacement to Sylvester The Jester. Sylvester has performed in over 40 different countries and in 4 different languages. His humor is universal and brings a sense of infectious lunacy directly into audience where his interactions produce laughter on contact!

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