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Boston, MA

A-List is a super group originating from Boston, MA, consisting of two premier artists: King Spyda, a rapper/songwriter, and Jay Nixxo, a singer/rapper/producer/songwriter. Both artists have built tremendous individual and group buzz in the locale and surrounding hubs of Boston over the past few years utilizing their unique talents and skill sets. A big believer in the power of their music, A-List is committed to making music that will be loved and listened to consistently on the international stage.

King Spyda was born and raised in Boston, MA by full-blood Haitian parents. He is a strong believer in "respecting the culture of hip-hop and not just doing it; it is important to me to walk that line of underground and commercial." His career so far consists of battle-rapping, almost every underground venue in Boston, winning many local competitions; additionally he has opened for artists ranging from Tanto Metro and Devonte, and Max B, to Joe Budden and Mike Jones.

Jay Nixxo was born and raised in Boston, MA by his single mother, the youngest of two siblings. He is determined to personify the concept of progression; driven to make music that encourages people to dream, believe, and live - regardless of circumstance. Beginning at twelve, he amassed his arsenal of musical talents by constantly placing himself in a position to see music's various aspects. He began his career rapping and singing and soon progressed to producing beats for hundreds of local artists, becoming Boston's only triple-threat. The past decade has given him underground and commercial opportunities that have elevated his overall music awareness and gifts; from beat production and songwriting to singing and rapping.

In 2006, the two were introduced by Tarik from ProducerBoyz, JJamz from A-Star Entertainment, and then G-Unit producer Chad Beats. Along with a third rapper, Prophecy, they recorded a promising EP that garnered valid attention from a major record label; unfortunately timing and circumstance prevented A-List's ability to execute the deals being offered. The two maintained drive and focus, decided to regroup together, and now - A-List has a full-length album and multiple mix CDs ready to go. Having infiltrated the local Boston market, this group is presently committed to having the rest of the world hear their finished music; confident that their product will be listened to over and over again...

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