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Marie Carew

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New England's foremost Psychic Medium, Marie Carew, has 27 years experience as a Lecturer, Instructor, Counselor and Reader. She endeavors to enlighten and educate others as she strives to bring closure to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

The focus of her lectures and instructional classes is to coach individuals in the techniques of tapping into their psychic abilities while explaining how living healthier and more humanely can enhance these gifts.

During her lecture, each member will learn of her encounters with the dead, including her first encounter with the spirit of a murdered woman.

Audiences will be amazed to hear her recount her experiences in grounding energy spirits who reach out beyond the grave for revenge against those who they believe have wronged them.

Most importantly, audience members will learn:

-How to cleanse themselves of toxic emotions as they channel their negative impulses into creative endeavors -How a healthy lifestyle can enhance psychic ability -How using your psychic gifts to help others can strengthen your psychic ability

In short, Marie Carew guides her audience and students along the path to our sacred destiny as the human gods we were meant to be.

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