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Gradschool Inspration

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It’s no secret that Gradschool’s Spree Israel, Redstorm, Koop and C-Note P has strong backgrounds in the Hip Hop, Spoken Word, an R & B field. Gradschool has explored every avenue in the music field individually. They have performed with a lot of the industries most talked about artist, an the most popular venues in the hip hop market. Determined to survive on the streets of Chicago without having to step away from what they do best Rap, Sing Spoken Word and Produce Music. Four friends decided to put their talents together to speak to the world about a subject not new to anyone. Violence! “The plague that won’t go away” four angry musical fathers decided to let the world know to “Put The Guns Down”, after reading an article in a 2008 issue of The Chicago Defender News Paper, About Maya Lyons the 11 year old girl murdered on the streets of Chicago. Gradschool let the world know they have graduated from the nonsense of the streets and you can too, through their most talked about release “Cease Tha Fire” The Message Volume 1. The project featured some of Chicago’s most prominent entertainers, and narrated by the most profound civil rights leaders of our time such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Malcolm X. Now while the focus was to put a message out in a way today’s youth could relate to. It was a big shocker when their music caught the attention of everyone, age was not a factor. They discovered a totally new sound and gave birth to Gradschool Entertainment “Spree Israel, Redstorm, Koop and C-Note P”. Gradschool soon decided that something was calling them in a direction that’s been familiar to them all of their lives but has not been visited in a while. Gradschool step into a Church not far from the their home and Studio, They were welcome with open arms. Four friends that spent many days in open mic bars, surviving from sales of their CD’s caught up in many of the street activities gave their lives to the lord on that day. Gradschool shortly caught the attention of many ears with the release of their first gospel album A New Beginning. Named after their church home New Beginning. This CD is a must have. Gradschool’s ministry is supported by everyone they come in contact with.

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