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The Local Celebrities

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The Local Celebrities are truly ahead of their time! They have released their highly anticipated high energy up-tempo album contains songs such as their first hit single, \"Name Brand\" and their club smash, \"Drummer Boy\". The album also contains the only two features on the album from bay area rappers, Sirealz of Team Knoc and Priceless, which are on the Robocop Remix.

For the story of these four people to fit on paper, it would take nearly a life time. The members of the Local Celebrities consist of DecadeZ, Meneace,The Show,and B.C. After hearing the name of the group.. one might be prompted to ask what exactly does that name mean? The answer to that is simple. This simple philosophy behind the name is that you have to be important and make changes in your community before branching out to anywhere else, which they have done. With sounds that range from Hip-Hop to R&B, all the way to contemporary artist / super producer Timbaland, and even as far as Electronic-House guru\'s Daft Punk.... It\'s clear why their music is out of the ordinary. With a gift to avoid cliche\'s, Local Celebrities are definately a breath of fresh air in a somewhat polluted domain for modern day hip hop music. When describing the Local Celebrities style of music, it\'s hard not to use the words catchy,unique,and ambitious. From the song title\'s alone, you can tell that The Local Celebrities do not follow the normal linear hip hop trends.

Song title\'s like \"Tonka Truck\",\"Name Brand\", and \"D.I.T.A\" all aim towards a unique twist on similar topics. In a world where anything that isn\'t gangster is frowned upon in hip hop, The Local Celebrities dead this phrase by coming up with a brand of \"Mesh Music\". What is \"Mesh Music\" one might ask? It is the combination of hip-hop, R&B, electro, rock and pop all in one brand of music.

As a group , there influence can be felt through there stage presence alone. Having done shows from the Los Angeles Area to the Bay back to their hometown of Bakersfield, it is clearly shown that their ways are marketable and acceptable. With the key-ability to work with almost any type of crowd, The Local Celebrities have performed in venues along with the Ying Yang Twins, The Pack, Paul Wall, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Vogue In The Moment (This was a complete rock show...yet they still rocked the crowd).

When the Local Celebrities perform , It\'s been said by publications and fans alike that it is sure to be a big event, with The L.C. drawing in crowds of 300-500 every time they perform. Even more amazing is that this group has rocked crowds prior to the release of the album.

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