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Who Is This Golden Child?........

Born in 1977 in Chicago, Ill, Sharena Martin grew up on the Northside with her entire family (all 15 of them), from the grandmother all the way down to the grandchildren. A deeply loved and gifted child, she learned music at the age of four and was always the center of attention. After Sharena's mother (who was on drugs) and father (who was also on and off of drugs due to the military) abandoned her, Sharena moved in with her grandmother, with whom she had a very close bond. After a rough but memorable childhood, Sharena attended UALR, studying counseling. She was planning on becoming a family counselor to assist with the needs of mothers, fathers and children. Influenced early on by singers such as The Jacksons, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Sade, (her all-time favorite artist), Sharena was taking to the local studios, making up the hooks to songs for different artist. She also joined the Divas of the Rock group in March of 2007 who headlined in a couple different local news papers including the Arkansas Times Newspaper. Sharena also performed solo at the Rev Room, Roberts, Sticky Fingers and the Counter Point Club where she was also featured in the Nightflying Entertainment Guide. She continues to perform at many different venues across the south willing to expand. Sharena's artistic side can be attributed to her musical family which includes her grandmother and her grandmother's sisters who formed the group, The Stewart Sisters, who also sang with the Song Birds of the South for 40 years and the Greater Shiloh Baptist Choir for 50+ years. In the meantime, Goldy teamed up with Tyrone "Mr. Magic" Jones, whom she impressed upon hearing her unique voice and thought that she was "meant to be". Tyrone pushed everything aside to put Goldy's project in front of his own, and together they were the Neo-Soul & Rap duo. Referred to as the next Erykah Badu, Goldy has proven herself to be just what everybody expected a BLESSING...


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