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To book artists and talent such as VICTORIA "VIDIVA" L. WARD for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
Victoria L. Ward, also known as artist for the stars, is introducing a new level of artistic style & perfection, one that leaves audiences both breathless and at loss for words. Victoria life starts off with an action filled, lively and funny up bringing. Victoria grew up the youngest and only girl, of a large all boy household. Victoria’s artwork and music collection became her closest partners and influence for expression. Growing up riding horses, bikes and playing football in the streets, Victoria was fearless, disappearing from home hours at a time to hang out at the beach and play ball at the local park, she found inspiration in everything, which she happily brought home and put in her sketch books. Victoria excelled in art during her grade school years but found her self completely lost when her mother and father went through a difficult and frustrating divorce. Victoria then found her art again during high school; she began entering art shows and writing short stories. Her work was read and displayed at many local schools and shows and many ribbons were brought home from the art contest over the years. After graduating college she began working on portraits for celebrities and corporate CEO’s, perfecting her signature cell technique with a client base ranging from non-profit organizations to major a list celebrities. Victoria is adding a few new portraits of the celebrity kings and queens of Hollywood, preparing daring new works of art for new up and coming entertainers. Victoria contributes her work style to years of practice, study and experimentation in many art mediums. Her “expressionistic cells” captures each and every person she puts to canvas leaving the audiences saying “WOW!!!”, Victoria has worked in Television, Film, Print and in Broadcasting.

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