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Big Hit & the Baby Kit

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BIG HIT & THE BABY KIT. This power duo is is comprised for the purpose of blending rock and roll with a minimalistic approach. Although, to hear it, the word minimal is the last word that comes to mind. Using only an acoustic guitar and a (slightly modified) toy drumset, the creators of this seemingly simple setup are able to deliver a surprisingly explosive sound that rivals a band of more pieces. This is accomplished through the collaboration of these two seasoned musicians. Mike Legere (guitar, vocals) is uncompromising in his approach to not only his selection of cover songs and originals, but his execution of them with the utmost passion and attention to detail while often mixing it up with his own renditions of well known classics. His counterpart Andrew Shaw (drums, vocals) is rapidly becoming known for his ability to surprise while engaged in performance with his subtle accents and in most cases, his big sound from a small kit, not to mention the double bass pedal. The two have found a way to cover a wide variety of influences and styles in their setlist that are sure to entice and appease listeners of all ages and types. Fans can expect to hear the music of Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Michael Jackson, 311, , the Black Crowes, Alice in Chains, Outkast, Tom Petty, Soundgarden, The Rolling Stones, Jay-z, Sublime, Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews, Weezer, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Marley, Beck, Citizen Cope, John Prine,Tool, Ryan Adams, Queen, and many many more. The duo also performs some of their original music and their catalog is rapidly expanding to include the best variety of classic to modern music. BH&tBK is the kind of show you don't want to miss and will never forget. With such a unique and unusual approach to music, this power duo is rapidly rising in their appeal as a band that not only has the power to surprise, but the power to amaze anyone who may dare to tread within earshot.

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