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Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet

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Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet

Mission Statement:

To Achieve Musical Excellence

The Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet is lead by the musical professionalism of Marcus A. Allen Sr. Mr. Allen is a composer from Detroit. The Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet has been playing professionally throughout the Metro Detroit area for more than three years. this group’s versatility has enabled them to play many different styles of music with great technical ability. The Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet wholly believes that playing jazz enables them to be musically competent.

Members: Leader and trumpet player, Marcus Anthony Allen Sr., was born in Detroit, Michigan He quickly progressed on the trumpet over the years. Mr. Allen is also proficient on both the oboe and piano as well. Today Mr. Allen is the leader of the Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet.


• Marcus Anthony Allen Jr., the keyboard player for Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet, was also born in Detroit, Michigan. He has been studying and performing as a jazz pianist for several years. Since the tender age of eleven, Marcus Jr. had already made several appearances at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, The Music Hall’s Jazz Café and Burt’s Market Place, jazz clubs located in Greater Detroit area.

Bassist- Marquisha A. Allen is a superb young female bassist for Diamond Steele. Marquisha realized that this was her own particular calling in life, even more so than her desire to be a hair stylist. After just a few years of private studies, she knew that she was ready to play out in the public’s eye. Since learning to play the bass she has learned to play many different styles. Her fast growing talent made way for her to complete many of her music studies in record time.

Drummer - Willie Davis is the drummer for the Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet. Willie is just beginning to realize his dream. His positive attitude has encouraged the members of Diamond Steele to nickname him “Baby Giant!” Mr. Davis’ determination and will to succeed in the music business is contagious. His favorite phrase; “Don’t give up, stay the course” is just one of the many philosophical phrases he uses to try to inspire the group to strive for musical excellence. _________________________________________________________

The Diamond Steele Jazz Quartet hopes to release their second CD this fall, entitled, “Walkonmoon.”

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