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Young Tee

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Date of Birth: September 20, 1988 Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio Family Background: My father (Wilbert Johnson), my mother (Lisa Rawls), & my step-mother (Tody Johnson). I have one brother (Wilber Johnson Jr), my sister (Artazyai Johnson) & my step-sister (Maria Vinson). I was born & raised in the city of East Cleveland, Ohio.

Education: Graduate of Collinwood High School, & I am currently attending Southern Union State Community College in Wadley, Alabama on a music scholarship.

Achievements: While entering the music industry this unique lyricist hopes to become one of the most influential songwriters & evolutionary hip-hop artist in today’s thriving society. The one & only "Young Tee" has a fresh new flavor of expressionology combined with hot hooks straight from the inner city; The heart of C-Land (Cleveland Ohio). Young Tee discovered his gifted talent in music at the age of nine-years-old. Ever since then he has diligently continued to pursue his music career. He wants to send positive messages and use his life as an example to encourage and inspire the upcoming younger hip-hop generation. In addition to obtaining success in his music business, Young Tee also has other optional preferences to balance his diversified personality. He has alternative plans to attend college to become an Engineer Technologist. Young Tee’s motivation is the Lord Jesus Christ, His Family, Life Situations, Family Problems, & The Ole’ School Generation, because they payved the way in hip hop culture. A few other respected artists he admires are T.I., Tupac, The Diplomats, His Big Brother Chop and His Cousin Longnose. Hot-1 multi-talented, especially when he is in his lyrical element. Music:1st CD Album Titled: "Get Down," Get Down, Deep Passion, So Fresh, U Hater, Let Me C It, Skit; Where U Come From, Real Life, Skit; The Leak, 4 Real, Get Down (Radio Version), U Can't Take Away, and So Fresh (Remix). 2nd CD Album titled: "Young Tee," Wut U Ridin, Beat-N-Down Ya Block, In Da Club, When I Hustle, Wut We Doin, Playa Like Me, Stunt Wit Me, My Swag, Rockstar, Feelin Dat, Let’s Get It, Swervin, Get Money and Fresh & Clean. 3rd CD-Grand Opening, Intro, Rain On Me, My Thang, 2 Flyy, I Can Do Dat, Da Truth, Like Rubber, Hit Me Up, Like Me, U Went Away. Recent activities, accomplishments and expectations: Young Tee currently released his second album, self titled, "Young Tee," Bar coded and finished product. He is also promoting his first album "Get Down" in the streets as well. You can meet him on Tuesday’s nights at the "Sea Level Lounge" for open mic. His expectations are limitless as he continuously creates a diversity of music and sounds into the mainstream Hip-Hop Society. Young Tee would like to excel and achieve multi-platinum success. To here a few sample tracks with hot new funky beats go to

Words of inspiration: "Is this what I feared when I prayed?"

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