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Tribal Vibe

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The band have played all over England with their main stages in and around the festival circuit.Tribal Vibe have also made appearances on ITV's 'Beat the mix' and were voted Best Band by the producers. The band is made up of Elliott Lock (rhythm guitar and vocals, Devan Belgrave(Drums), Henry Castledine(Sax), Dan Pavely(Bass) and Nuaziln(Lead Guitar). A strong theme for their music is the rejection of securities that the world presents and for the battle of the mind and soul, standing together as one people. The band are also known for there friendship that help to support them old and new and always adding more along the way, this being 'Tribal Vibe'. The Story behind the band's name is of unity of all people coming together as brothers and sisters to serve one another as created beings giving glory to our creator. The music being the outlet for which we (as people) express the passion for life that we all share,

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