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B&L Transport

To book artists and talent such as B&L Transport for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
About B&L Transport: Guitar: Mike Loveless, Been playing guitar 9 years Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Walsh, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, More Mike is a prodigy. Fantastic and just reaching his stride. Get your autographs will be hearing from this player. Drums: Travis Renard, Been playing drums 12 years. Influences: Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, Alan White, Jethro Tull, More. Travis makes difficult passages look easy. He plays with imagination, precision and dynamics that inspire the rest of us to play better. Just Phenomenal. Bass:Tom Jones, Been playing too long Influences: Elvis, Little Richard James Brown, John Entwhistle, John Paul Jones, Stanley Clarke, On &on. Quote: "I will die happy if I ever master this thing" Singer: Jimmy Ouradnik, Been singing and talking since born. Influences: Who knows? He won't shut up long enough to listen to anybody. Quote: Yakkityyakblahblablabberonforever...

We have been together since April '08 and played our first gig in May. We have since performed all around our area at various bars and fests. We are working on original music but play classic rock cover to become known. It is working for us as we continue to wow audiences who pack our venues and love our songlist. We look forward to expanding our territory. We are fully equipped with pro gear and are prepared to travel.

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