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Nikki McKnight

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Coming from Columbus, Ga, Nikki McKnight akaYa Gyrl Terror is one of the illest emcees in the city to ever bless the mic. She got most of her recognition as half of one of the cities rawest groups known as the HoodKatz. Along with her partner, Young Tah, who is also her blood relative, they blessed the streets of Columbus with hardcore street anthems and lyrics that stood out from what the other rap artists were bringing. If you could mix the hardcore, street tough image of Mobb Deep plus the lyrical ability of the L.O.X., then you would you would indeed get the HoodKatz. Though the talented duo never failed its audience, the mainstream would not embrace them the same as the streets. They thought Young Tah was too street and Nikki was too "hard" for a female artist. Some even pitched the idea of her to switch her street image to a more feminine one by pitching the "sex sales" story. The suggestions fell on def ears. "No amount of money can buy my self respect" says Nikki to anyone who even thinks to come at her with the idea. "First Impression" and "C-Town's Finest" were two albums between the duo crowned classic by the streets of Columbus, GA. The hood begged for more. Now back from a very long hiatus, Nikki is ready to give her audience what they want. Her second solo LP, the aforementioned "First Impression" was her first, is packed with more street anthems, raw lyricism, and she evens lets you inside her mind to see what goes on in that brain of hers on a couple of tracks. She's also quite the producer, handling most of the production herself on the LP. "G-State of Mind" is the title chosen for the release after changing its name four times. The 'G' stands for a number of things including the state of Georgia, where she was born. It also stands for Gangsta, Good, Great, and even Gracious. Each word describing the state of mind she was in while creating the LP. "I made this album to sort of reintroduce myself to the streets, to my friends, my family, and in a way to myself," she says. "Those that know me, but haven't seen or heard from me in a while, will notice i have a whole other side to me. After i was almost done wrapping the album up, i sat back and listened to observe what i had done. Not to sound arrogant, but i knew i had a classic on the way. Just listening to the intro, which is " Say Hello", the way i just came in and demanded what was mine. Nobody in my city will top this album, and i guarantee it. Anybody who feels different, come see me...prove me wrong." And there you have it...

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