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Gabrielle Wortman

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Gabrielle Wortman is a classically trained pianist, guitarist, and vocalist who has brought beautiful sound to the world for over fifteen years. New York City born and Connecticut bred, Gabrielle now brings her authentic flavor and ethereal talents to the streets of Los Angeles. Her collection of jazz, classical, blues, gospel, and rock influences renders a sound that is rich in soul and soaked in an original rock style. Her songwriting stretches far beyond her years and her words, weaving tales of heartbreak, passion, and growth, place you in a moment filled with universal nostalgia.

Gabrielle’s critically acclaimed live performances are also anything but ordinary, demonstrating her undeniable musical talents through her ability to improvise, sheer vocal power, and mastery of her chosen instruments. According to Cleo Antonelli from Acoustic Playhouse, “Gabrielle Wortman is a powerhouse performer. Her well-crafted songs are uplifting and enchanting. She has a unique style that stands out in the LA music scene.. If you haven’t seen her live.... you should.”

Gabrielle is ultimately an artist of many elements that work to piece together a puzzle of brilliant musicianship. If you ask her exactly how this eclectic ambiance came to be, however, do not expect a historical report. In her own words: “I play music because, in a world full of cell phones and instant messages, sometimes the only way to truly communicate is through a beautiful medium. So, if you feel some sort of message in my sounds then, hey, I did something right.”

Yen Lam, who accompanies Gabrielle, is a classically trained and musically coveted violinist whose live repertoire boasts of performances with DJ's and groups from all over the country. She currently concentrates her talents in electronic dance violin, working with Ed Hardy in particular, and continues to be an entertainment staple in club venues all over Los Angeles.

Currently, Gabrielle Wortman and Yen Lam will be performing Gabrielle’s original song, “Vagabond” in Spring Sing 2009 (May 8th, 2009), a music competition that has seen the likes of Maroon 5, Sara Barielles, and Linkin Park in the past. At the same time, Gabrielle’s songs are gaining airplay on Radio’s Songwriter’s Network and her live videos are generating considerable notice on Youtube. Gabrielle is also in the studio self-producing her debut album, due out in early April 2009.

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