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RedNeck RattleSnake

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We are a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll! The songs we play are a colored portrait of life set to words and music that is both personal and familiar to people with small town roots and big city dreams.A mix of southern rock and modern country blend together to form as sound as smooth as Tennessee whiskey and as rough as a winding gravel road.This philosophy describes the entire band and the veteran members have been in the best bands,rock and country,that have ever played in the local area.We are no holds barred,nothing held back,pedal to the metal from the first song to the last.It is music that is honest,open,gritty and rough around the edges by musicians who make no excuses for who they are and no apologies about the music they play.Our stage show is awesome with terrific production,fantastically cool guitar work,driving drums,thumping low end and expressive vocals.We have a strong belief in the local community and are always the first to step up and help out a good cause.Do yourself a favor and book southern Indiana`s number one band for KickAss southern music and Good Times ! You`ll be more than glad you did!

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