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E.U. (Experience Unlimited)

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Experience Unlimited – EU…still doin’ “Da Butt” all night long…

“Da Butt” was the #1 breakout hit for Washington, D.C.’s go-go band, Experience Unlimited. Now, 20 years later, EU is still going strong and working harder than ever. Orlando Mullins, Executive Producer and Double O Entertainment say they want to share their success with the fans…and with other new artists.

E.U. is celebrating their two decade anniversary by releasing “E.U “Two Faces”…20 Years Later” The project features a fresh remix of “Caught Up” and singles “Do What cha Wanna Do”, Pole and Hands Up. Special Guest artists DJ Kool, Mello –D, GODzend, Mardi Gra, Tony Redz, GoGo Mickey, Takia Miguel and many others...

“Da Butt” became a national dance craze after E.U. got its big national break from Spike Lee. He heard the band perform for a party to celebrate the release of his movie, “She’s gotta Have It”. Lee liked what he heard so much, he featured the band in his movie “School Daze”. And as they say, the rest is history. “Da Butt” climbed all the way to the #1 slot on the Billboard R&B music charts and earned the group a Grammy nomination. The “School Daze” soundtrack sold well over 3 million records, with the song “Dabutt”being the only single released

New Horizon Records Paul Walker says “Rappers today are using go-go hooks…the sound has always been popular, especially in Washington, D.C…the music is indigenous to this region.” Go-Go music was created in D.C. by guitarist Chuck Brown (dubbed the Godfather of Go-Go). It has been called a fusion of funk and hip-hop, characterized by uniquely syncopated percussion and a call and response style.

The influence of go-go music is still strong today and the sound influenced many major artists in its hey-day. Among other hits, Salt ‘n Pepa recorded “Shake Your Thing with EU in 1988.

“Da Butt” is still so popular, the single made Blender Magazine’s list, “500 Greatest Songs since You Were Born”. What gives E.U. and “Da Butt” their staying power? According to Dean, “the single was used on over 40 compilation albums…so the sound is always out there…in front of the people”

The revival of go-go and EU’s popularity is cyclical. Now, the people who used to party at the go-gos are coming back out to the clubs…and they want to hear all of the old-school favorites. Chuck Brown said now, “It’s a together thing…sort of like a reunion.”

The band will also be taking time out to celebrate their success with all of their fans with several BIG events, including:

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