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Small & Rubin Ltd. Lecture/Workshop Series

To book artists and talent such as Small & Rubin Ltd. Lecture/Workshop Series for your corporate event, private party, fundraiser, or club, just use our Talent Request Form or Contact us.
Their earliest ventures marked new territory in the field of environmental health - addressing the problems that even low levels of pollution have caused for human health. This built on early research that Bruce conducted on the effects of poor air quality on how people feel and how they think and perform, for example in schools and corporations.

Their latest ventures involve a friendly poke at the baby boomer generation through a website known as, and the present lecture circuit and workshop offering, designed to lift up and jiggle up a wide variety of audiences.

Essentially, Bruce is the speaker and Howard is the organizer and negotiator. Between us we can tailor an address to a public dinner audience of thousands, or a small corporate group of ten individuals. Always shrouded in enough humor to make the toughest pill go down easily, Bruce's talks are designed to poke and prod at some of our most cherished (and usually erroneous) assumptions about life.

Bruce brings over thirty years of experience addressing groups ranging from personal growth workshops, to international medical and scientific meetings, to government training sessions. As an engineer, physicist, and psychotherapist, he is intimately familiar with the workings of the physical world as well as the fascinating inner world of the human mind.

Howard has always been the driving force that brings our unique skills to market. A co-author of, he rarely addresses sit-down audiences himself. Rather, he is personally available for dynamic media interviews about publishing in the boomer era. Unlike Bruce, who can be wound up on any occasion that you hand him a microphone, Howard is the quieter of the pair, the diplomat and negotiator who can help you figure out whether you are ready for the kind of experience we can provide for your group.

How to get in touch:

The process is pretty easy. Call Howard at 416.598.4888 and tell him what your situation and timing is, and what you hope to achieve for your group meeting, conference, workshop or other event. He can share with you our latest ideas for speech topics, or work with you to tailor something entirely new that will be highly appealing to your particular audience.

As you might expect, this kind of flexibility doesn't come cheap, but neither are we exhorbitant. Howard will help figure out a modest fee and can also outline the kind of at-cost out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. travel, food, parking) to expect.

About all we guarantee is that we will pour lots of enthusiasm and thought into your specific event, and that your people will be forced to think as well as smile, as we draw their minds deep into unfamiliar territory.

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