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Who is Suki Lee? One of the more real female rappers, Suki Lee has made a name for herself in the industry. Born in San Jose California Suki Lee aspired from an early age to make music her life, so much so that she started writing lyrics at a very young age and performing at talents shows around the bay. Her first real break was being a candidate on battle of the Rappers with SWAY and King tech which she came in 2nd place, The response she was getting from the crowd of music was definitely a positive response, which made her want to take her music career to another level. After making a big buzz in the talent shows, and radio battles Suki Lee went on to attend Morris Brown college located in Atlanta Georgia in 1999 where she began bringing her bay area style and sensation to the map in the South. Suki Leeís remarkable popularity continues over the internet with hit singles, (VICTORIA SECRET) and (ASSASINATE) Suki is a new breed of tough and talented female MCs to hit the rap scene who not only co-produces some of her own music but writes all her lyrics as well. Though she could be sexy when she chose, she isnít as over the top as Lil' Kim or Foxy Brown. But to Suki Lee music wasnít something to do just for money, it was more then that. Suki Lee use music to express herself and further challenge herself to create new music. Music to Suki Lee is one thing but her goal is to take music and use it to branch off to other projects and expand to other business. Her passion, desire and love for music shows in her work, when it comes to getting work complete she makes sure it gets done. In the end, Suki Lee is her own person; mixing Roc, Pop, and rap making it her own flavor a strong, no-nonsense street MC who could hold her own with most anyone on the mic and is finding success on her own terms. So you ask who is Suki Lee the next Rapper to go where no other rapper has gone before outer space

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