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Ca$ Da Prince

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Wut it d0 am3rika? its ya boy Ca$ Da Prince. Here to let every0ne kn0 im 19 an been d0wn wit muzik since i wuz 4. My fav0rite s0ng is "back in the day - by ahmad." Any0ne wh0 kn0 me kn0! REAL NAME: Michael Davis, I was born October 15th, I am originally from Westside Chicag0, but you can call me a Georgia Boy because i moved out here to the City of Riverdale, Clayt0n C0unty, when I was 12. I started d0in muzik seri0usly r0und that time. This music thing is hard but i plan on sh0win h0w easy an fun it truly can be when yu bein yu. An I mean bein seri0us b0ut. I plan 0n d0ing maj0r things in the very near future! I want t0 say thanks t0 all 0f my fam an friends wh0 supp0rt me an my m0vement i have started. I want t0 als0 say ty t0 my father an grandfather R.I.P. t0 yu b0th, with0ut yu tw0 i w0uldnt be here as i am, a str0ng smart individual. I miss yu b0th dearly an i will see yawl again 0ne day. But until that day. I l00k f0rward t0 w0rkin with all the 0ther seri0us artists 0ut their as myself. L0cal an kn0wn, w0rldwide an all. H0t muzik is h0t muzik yuh feel me? But aye my times up right n0w if yu wan get ta kn0 me better just hit me up i always answer back an reply um tryina d0 summin 0ther artists d0nt d0. S0 yeah im n da studi0 w0rkin 0n da trax yawl alreadii sl0w hit me up an check da muzik 0ut.. dis yuh f0lk Ca$ Da Prince! Yawl make sh0 ta check dat vide0 0ut! An be ready f0 da next! 0ver n 0ut!

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