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Coming from a black middle class family of four in the California city of San Jose, I undoubtedly discovered that most things worth having would not be conveniently achieved. Success in however form it may come has consistently shown to be like the purest of fuel that drives me as an Artist. Starting out behind the podium of local church groups, I, Ahmad Javon Lane performing as Fanatiq, realized that I impressed my audience time after time. I enjoyed feeding the hearts of my audience with a voice of love, joy, and pain. Then eventually moving on and touring overseas as an independent in the country of Japan. Although many blessings have been awarded, this artist has learned that remaining humble and positive is the best kind of attitude to take in this business. ďMy relationship with God is the most important relationship I will ever have. Especially at times when friends and family arenít enough, or not there. When God is the only one that you can or are even willing to turn to, because he has given me what no one else give. He gave me life, a dream and a world that wants to experience it with me. That is why I love and appreciate God for everything heís done for me and my family in the past, present and into the future. Now, continuing down the road to success this artist takes interests in networking with producers, artists, and songwriters signed and unsigned. Also independent label executives and generally anybody who appreciates what I do. With his newest track (Wish I Could) comes a somewhat commercialized approach to a neglected topic in modern music. When I go into the studio, I love to work on catchy material that has the potential to impact a massive audience. From pop music to new age r&b, it doesnít really matter because there is nothing like the feeling I get in the lab when Iím standing in front of the microphone. The track is playing and Iím reading the lyrics I wrote weeks ago and hearing the track and vocals together for the first time as I sing. After the first bar you should be able to tell if its working or not. Its when everything starts flowing and I begin to embody the track and the lyrics. Its like I become the music itís a wonderful feeling.

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