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Song, simply defined, is word set to melody. When a song transcends, its simple definition becomes a work of art, it is then defined as the product of new artists THE N.E. FAMILY (a.k.a. – The Narrative Entertainment Family). To attempt to explain their gifted technique by comparing them to other artists will only quell their significance. Like no recent other, THE N.E. FAMILY is equipped to etch their place in the musical landscape and challenge the industry’s definition of urban and popular music.

More than just unbound vocalists, and even more than poignant writers - THE N.E. FAMILY are true entertainers and performers. They make the kind of music that is equally appreciated with the eyes closed. When they lift their voices of lyrics, colorful melody paints a vivid backdrop, while meaningful writing adds detail. Together they orchestrate a masterpiece of expressionism.

This “Musical Blend” of the future flips the script with clever metaphoric lyrics and rare vocal tones charged with a hook-melody attack style. Add it all up this Los Angeles based, urban R&B/Rap group is a lock to spin heads, and sprout clusters of international fans everywhere. Descriptive as their name¼.THE N.E. FAMILY¼is both special and unique, as heard in the tones of their voices; they are equally talented in style and delivery of their vocals. THE N.E. FAMILY, a four member group formed in 1999, is a new breed of Hip-Hop artists which is comprised of founder L Jay (producer, writer, singer, rapper and performer), Knatural (rapper, writer and performer), Chawko (rapper, writer and performer), Mr. Ward rapper, writer and performer). Their music medley is a combination of Urban/Ghetto mixes, sautéed in R&B spices, sprinkled with Pop flavoring with Rap that is fire.

THE N.E. FAMILY have focused their career on bringing back integrity to the West Coast through a new fresh sound and style of Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop music. Their lyrics are infectious, their music is hypnotic and their story is mesmerizing. THE N.E. FAMILY is truly a new breed of recording artists linking sight, sound, and matter; creating the entity. Says’ L Jay: “I like soulful classic songs from the past that had dope grooves and hooks; they motivate me to heighten my game to create a fresh new sound.” Given a microphone N.E. hits a switch as they’re in your face with attitude, action and vocals blazin!

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