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JaiJae, whose real name is Jason Jamaa’l Edmund, was born May 7, 1985, in Los Angeles, California. JaiJae is the youngest of 3 boys and the oldest of 1 sister. JaiJae has a beautiful little daughter that is 2 yrs old. She is his inspiration. JaiJae’s life wasn’t all good. He had some ups and he had some downs. While he may not seem the most imposing R&B artist at only 6'0" and wears a size 9 in shoes, JaiJae does admit to a criminal past that included an arrest. He explains, "The whole drug dealing thing was something from my youth. It isn't about being or not being a dealer. It's about being down, ruff, and real. I think that is how street respect is earned. Unfortunately for me, the immediate clique I was in you had to do something derogatory to gain the respect." When pressed to explain what exactly derogatory means JaiJae conceded, "if you wanted to be a drug dealing making that fast money you had to risk yourself. By trying to be the tuff guy I decided to make a big risk that lead me into incarceration for almost a week and then belled out. I traveled across the state line with marijuana in the vehicle I was in and got pulled over in Texas and was searched. I was then put in handcuffs and taken off to jail. I just knew my life was over. “Though a part of life in the inner city, he certainly has matured as he regrets his actions, saying, “It was stupid. I did all that just to make people think I was tough enough to handle the ruff life." While JaiJae enjoyed success with Robert Taylor Jr and Joe peoples. He seems to be gaining more prominence as a solo artist thanks to the mega hit All of Me. The origins of the song came from a female group name, Danity Kane. There song Damaged which climb the high charts inspired JaiJae to write his first hit single. The song became a virtual anthem around his neighborhood. JaiJae may be at a crossroads with his R & B group seeing that his solo success with Tha Empire Records is working for him. JaiJae is vary pleased to have such great people and artistes like Tha Sire, Konflict, August Keen, Jewelz, “L”, “D”, “Jai”, and Monsta Feddie Chico from Bankroll Records behind him through the good and bad times. Since day one JaiJae knew he had a great team behind him. Without them JaiJae wouldn’t be JaiJae. Riding on the wheels of success, JaiJae, an astute businessman, created his own fan base. His creative mind catered to young men at the moment, but he hopes to expand the line to include women and children. In 2006, JaiJae auditioned for the show American Idol which, he didn’t make it that far. But, he never gave up. He used that to his advantaged and decided to work harder and try again next time. In 2007, JaiJae auctioned for American Idol again. This time he made a name for himself and made it passed the 1st round. JaiJae was cut shortly after that due to his song choice...

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