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An Australian lead band based in Tokyo, Japan. Ninezero, from Sydney, Australia, is the self titled heavy rock band comprised of Australian and Japanese members.

Ninezero has played at some major festivals with attendance over 200,000 people and at some prestigious venues, including Zepp Tokyo, Astro Hall and Odaiba Tokyo Big Site and has an extensive entertainment record.

2008: *Ninezero sang the theme song for a new racing game by Sega, DRS. *He joined WeROCK CITY records to distribute the Raiden/Raimei CD songs on I-Tunes. *Songs from Raiden/Raimei are used on interviews with rock stars on WeROCK CITY ( *He wrote the theme song for WeROCK CITY, “Rock City.” *He acted in a new Nintendo DS karaoke game based on his own character made by Anis. *He headlined Astro Hall, Harajuku *His wrote one song for Konami’s Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania V5 – Ninezero – Far Beyond Blackended. *He appeared on the The Gitado Live DVD (Zepp Tokyo) released by Konami (2 songs) *He appeared on the Konami Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania V4 official sound track (4 songs)

2007: *He played at Zepp Tokyo for The Gitado Live sponsored by Konami (Attendance 2,000+) *He played with at Design Festa, Odaiba Tokyo Big Site (Festival Attendance of 60,000+) *He played at Waseda University 125th Year Anniversary Festival (Festival Attendance of 200,000+) *He sang for a new racing game by Sega, DRS. *He wrote one song and sang four songs for Konami’s Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania V4: Ninezero – Inside Out; Deep Purple-Black Night; Kiss – Rock and Roll All Nite; and Quiet Riot – Cum on feel the noise. *He changed his band name from Raiden to Ninezero. *He had his Raiden CD reviewed in two magazines, Burrn and Japanzine.

2006: *He played with Raiden at Design Festa, Odaiba Tokyo Big Site (Festival Attendance of 60,000+) *He played with Raiden at U.S. Yokota Air Base (Festival Attendance of 200,000+) *Released his debut mini-album with Raiden (Titled: Raimei) through Japan Music System in Japan distributed through HMV, Tower Records and Disc Union. *He conducted some radio interviews with Raiden at Yamato FM. *He sang “The Score” by Emmerson, Lake and Powell for Heiwa’s new pachinko game. *He wrote and sang the song, "GOT THIS FEELING" for Namco's game - Pro Yakyuu Netsu Stadium 2006. *He was the host on Juice TV+, an Indies music video show airing on eight cable networks throughout Japan.

2005: *He wrote and sang 4 songs for Tipness Fitness Club’s aerobics program.

2004: *He sang on Asahi Super Dry Beer TVCM.

2003: *He started his first band, Raiden, in Tokyo, Japan.

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