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From This Day

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From This Day reaches out in many different directions while staying firmly based on their core of Heavy Rock and Metal.Drummer Jason Collins lays the foundation with thundering,syncopated grooves.Both in the pocket and rhythmically diverse at the same time.Jason flawlessly combines dynamics,power, and drive,often times defining the energy of the music.Shep Taylor on bass picks up where that ends,locking in the aggressive power grooves.Between running bass lines or outlining heavy riffs his style is always tasteful and solid.The six string mayhem is provided by two guitarist.Matt Crow whose sound and style is thick,raunchy and unshakable he could rip your face off with one of his blistering leads as well.Shawn T adds more flavor with use of effects and fluid style be it on rhythm, leads, or melodies.Together they create a landscape of dense textures,dynamics,and aggression.Locking together all the talents of these four allows singer Ritchie Smith to explore himself as a vocalist.His gruff and emotional voice along with meaningful lyrics adds the last layer to the bands energetic and driving force.The proof is in their amazing high energy live performances.These five talented musicians will leave their audience with a performance that will be remembered long after the show is over!Be a part of the experience and see From This Day At a venue near you!

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