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Force The Fallen

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Force The Fallen is a band from Waltham MA. Two pairs of brothers met with the luck of fate. Rodger and Manny Hagopian began their lives playing music together and eventually forming a band around 2000. Rupam and Shamit Som played guitar and taught each other as they grew. Eventually Rupam met the Hagopian brothers and began jamming in their parents basement. Quickly they began to form a band and create their band Force of Habit, which later began known as Force The Fallen. After many shows around the NE area they decided to go in to a studio to record their first album. Through a friend they met Dave Pino (Powerman 5000, Waltham, Graveyard BBQ, Damone, Seamless) who they got along great with while recording their album “Fight The Flower”. Soon after that they went in to record half of their second album “Don't Bet A Penny On Tomorrow”, the other half by Rich Rossi (No Allegiance, Second Rock Records, Deathwish Inc.). They care deeply about their music, their town, and their music community. They are creators of a rock showcase called “Rock of Waltham” where kids of all ages come to listen to a variety of music; from hard metal to pop rock. The shows show over 300 people including national bands like Waltham (Ryko), Graveyard BBQ (Guitar Hero), and Damone (Island). Force The Fallen believes in the uniting of bands of all genres. Force The Fallen is a genre that can not be labeled exactly, some songs are fast punk, some are slow pop ballads, and others are a mix of their influences which include: Green Day, Metallica, Gun’s n’ Roses, Disney Songs, Frank Sinatra and many more. Force The Fallen love to do what many musicians love to do…play their music, record their music, and share their music. Force The Fallen is also the creators of the first Rock of Waltham Festival held on the Waltham Common summer 2008 with Graveyard BBQ headlining.

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