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Don Dutch

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Don Dutch, the Michigan born and raised rapper goes by names some of which are the "Don of Detroit" and the "Infamous track Murder". Ishmael King a.k.a Mel was raised in Detroit and grew up on the dangerous street of Runyon Avenue. He started doing music at a very young age and has been doing music ever since. He graduated Pershing High School in Detroit and right after high school enlisted in the United States Army for 3 years. In 2005, Dutch was shot seven times and died and was brought by to life by doctors at a hospital in Sierra Vista, Arizona. In 2006 he was released from the military and started to make music once again he has done many tracks. With his Mafia appearance and well known M.O.B (money over Bitches Attitude) it has slowly skyrocketed him to the top with many other Detroit artist such as 17x4 Soldier and the Dirty Bunny just to name a few. Don Dutch is a artist with a unique style of rapping with a good ear for music and totally destruction of any beat that he hears in the studio. This hard hitting MC and quick witted mastermind of rap have been in the rap game for a decade. Don Dutch is a very talented and knowledge rapper with a storyline that gets you more involved and keeps you interested in his lyrics. The artist play on words and metaphors are completely what rap needs to advance in the new age and era of Hip Hop. The question is to you the world is this lyric genius just another of raps one hit wonders or could this rap go down in history for drawing emotions from hip hip heads all over the world as one of the greatest rappers to presence himself with faults and all in his music? You be the judge! But either way I know that this Detroit born rapper will be the next big thing in Hip Hop. So you answer this question in mind will 2008 be the year of the Don?

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