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Howdy and and hello from the guys here in Restless!

Do you remember a time when leg warmers and side pony tails where all the rage? And the more gummies and bracelets you could fit on your arms the better? Or, how about spandex biker shorts and mesh shirts? And lets not forget about flight pants and the brightest neon colors that could possibly blind anyone who looked in your general direction! It was a time of fun and finding one's self. Where, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, and many more Hollywood Blockbusters weren't only movies, but, guidelines to your life. Do you ever wish that, if even for a moment, you could relive some of those fond memories? Well, we know WE do!

We are a 3-piece band that covers 80's New Wave/ Pop/ Rock without the assistance of keyboards and heavily syned noise.

We preform music from the likes of: Duran Duran Blondie Go-go's Flock of Seagulls INXS Tears For Fears Depeche Mode AHA and many more...

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