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Jason Cook

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I Jason Cook the Vice President/Artist started a record label while I was in the Army stationed in Germany and did numerous of shows in Iraq and Germany. We was reviewed by Sony Europe but now we are now officially out the Army and stay in Florida, I stay in Orlando. I just completed a studio quality cd featuring Big Bub from the group Today on 2 tracks from the album. If you look at the packaging you would actually think that we are signed to a major record company. We so far have single handily sold 1000 retail ready cd's out the trunk of our car in the U.S.,Germany and Online sales. We also hired Double XXposure as our publistist based out of New York. We had Interiews with major magazine companies, Radio stations in new york, and we even have our music in rotation right now with Music Choice. But the problem we running into is getting awareness or building a buzz. Since the Album has been done we went back to Germany and opened up for hurricane Chris, did a show for edward waters college in Jacksonville,Fl and the club called red train in atlanta, ga and donated $1,000 to Daytona Community Partnership for Children during Spring Break. Right now we currently signed with Slip N Slide "On the Grind" (www. slipnsliderecors. net/jasecook). You can check out my music at www. myspace. com/hustlemannjasecook and you can also purchase a cd from www. jasecook. com. If you want to you can google Jase Cook and see that we are all over the internet. We been in business since 2005. We even have a lawyer by the name of Taylor Pancake at www. foley. com. We just hired a Marketing Agent to help us out as well with a Marketing Plan by the name of Serrano & Forbes (www. serranoandforbes. com) based out of Orlando, Florida.

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