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Nathan Mathers

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As one of the most anticipated artists of 2008, Nate Kane definitely did not have a childhood that most of us would call normal or happy.† Nathan "Nate Kane" Mathers was born in Kansas City, Missouri on February 3, 1986.† A few months after his birth, Nathan and his family relocated to Detroit, Michigan, only to be neglected by his mother.† At the age of nine, Nathan was admitted to a foster home due to his mother's diagnosis of Munchausen Syndrome.† Two years later, he was allowed to move back with his mother until the age of 15.† At this point in time Nathan signed emancipation papers to live with his older brother Marshall Mathers, AKA "Eminem", AKA "Slim Shady". Growing up following in his brotherís footsteps, Nathan began to develop a love for rapping, while learning from the best in the industry.† For many years, Nathan has been surrounded by the fame and fortune the music industry has to offer.† He perfected his rap skills while on the "Up in Smoke" and "Anger Management" tours with his brother.† Nate Kaneís first public appearance occurred during his debut on the internationally broadcasted television show called MTV.† He has also been spotted on other television shows such as The Sally Show, The Catherine Crier Show on Court TV, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition and Englandís BBC Documentary.† In addition, he has appeared in magazines such as US Weekly, Teen People Magazine, In Touch, Complex and Rolling Stones. Nate Kane has recently performed during Spring Break 2008 at " Lani Kai Beach " in Fort Myers FL; in Scottsdale, AZ, with renowned DJ Salaam Wreck; has served as an opener for Bird Man in Fort Myers, FL; and has performed numerous live radio interviews.† Nate Kane can be found in his recording studio vigorously collaborating, writing and producing the hottest lyrics to hit the rap industry for 2008. †

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