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Brian Powers

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Most of us have seen a comedy hypnosis show on television, or even in a comedy club before, but what is it that makes comedy hypnosis such a success in the corporate world? It's that you actually know and get to see the people you work with completely out of character... and that's funny! When we talk about being funny, it is just that. There is no need to be crude or dirty to be funny. After all, we want to be invited back again. I treat everyone on stage like he or she is the CEO or the CEO's spouse! The stage hypnotist is like a casting director for a movie. The casting director selects people who can vividly imagine and act on what is written in the script, as if it were real. Stage hypnosis is a unique performance in that it involves "real" people from the audience responding in a variety of ways, making no two shows the same.


Using his unique ability to combine Entertainment and 
Education, Brian will put an end to dull seminars and 
show your employees how to use their subconscious 
potential to fill your bottom line! Brian travels coast to coast performing his comedy
 hypnosis show Powers of the Mind, then following it up 
with a fun, and unique seminar presentation, showing
 you how to unlock the hidden potential inside your 
mind. The key to Brianís successful seminars is everyone 
gets to see the comedy show first. This is important 
for one reason; after watching the show, audiences are 
always eager to absorb the seminar material. With certifications in Clinical and Emergency
 Hypnosis, Brian will show you how to reduce stress in
 the workplace, increase sales performance, and enhance 
productivity by incorporating the same techniques used 
during his hypnosis show.

School Events A comedy hypnosis show is one of the most popular events to have at any school function. Whether itís a large university or a local high school, a comedy hypnosis show is always in good taste. The students will talk about the event for months to follow because seeing their friends out of caricature is what makes this show so funny, entertaining and fun to watch. Brian Powers travels throughout the United States performing his Powers of the Mind comedy hypnosis show, creating everlasting memories for your students to take with them.

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