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Ofir Ronit Engel” charismatic songstress, multilingual singer captivating dancer, actress and vibrant poet. Original in style, passionate in performance. Israeli born, Ofir Ronit Engel came from the small City of Nahariya in 2004. Ofir is a force to be reckoned, with successes in performances in acting, her roles on television, radio, film, stage and singing. Asked to explain her multitalented persona, Ofir says, “I am into the vibe of the universe, I view life as a magical journey which allows me to create great moments, to touch hearts and to explore who we are.”

Her music can only be described as dramatic world Dance with theatrical sense, edgy, real, deep, with intellectual content, poetic lyrics with a bit of a futuristic slant.

Since her move to Canada in 2004 Ofir has already won International acclaim as a Songwriter. The Passion Show was a finalist in the Pop and Dance Category at the Song of the Year Competition and the UK Song writing Contest. These two international contests are judged by a jury of Grammy Award winners like André Fisher, 40 Platinum/25 Gold albums, 3 Grammy Awards; Wayne Watson and more.

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