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My story is I haven't always been singing, I didn't know when I was 2,4, or even 5 that I wanted to sing, in fact I didn't know how to sing, shit I didn't even know I had a voice. My mother was a singer and so was my older brother, but not me I wanted to be an actress, I've always done plays and been in theatre clubs and all that wonderful stuff, but it wasn't until I realized that Acting wasn't as satisfying as what I believe was in me all along...SINGING!! When I 19 I literally woke up one morning and said, I'm supposed to be a singer. BUT I couldn't sing correctly, but there were times I could hear greatness in my voice, and I knew with a little bit of coaching/training I will become a great and talented singer. Until I had that opportunity, I mimicked many of my favorite singers, and from there I developed a sound that would wow many and inspire plenty.SO, I signed up for voice lessons @ Long Beach City College, where my instructor was very hard on me and gave me that extra special push that made me try very hard and now I am the polished singer I was born to be. My story, I wasn't born into a family of entertainers, I have no connections, i wasn't on Star Search, I didn't start out in the Mickey Mouse Club, but I AM great and I believe when you never stop going for what you want, then you'll eventually get there. I stopped for 3 years, but I never stopped dreaming, never stopped writing, singing, recording, but my desire to try was haulted by an unsuccesful relationship. Now that it's over I'm READY, more now than EVER!! I will never stop, I will do I that I can, honestly, respectfully, professionally and most importantly with an open mind and a FREE SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!

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