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ONICE Being one of the most recognized bands in the world of Reggae formed in our language since March 1987, with three discs to slopes; The first "CAPAS CONCENTRICAS", produced and edited in 1994 by the same band, where the theme "Aspecto Temible” (Fearsome aspect) was versioned by the group recognized "DESORDEN PUBLICO" for a compilation record in Spain. The second "LA VERDAD", produced by the same band and edited by the Afroamerica Foundation in 1,997, where the theme "Truth" was selected to record a compilation of the best bands from Latin America Reggae entitled "Vive la Rasta" by the Aztlan Records label in San Francisco, California, USA. Now his latest album "HA LLEGADO EL MOMENTO", produced by the band and Armando GOMEZ he has done the same productions artists recognized as the court and Zone 7, left in July 2002 has been welcomed by domestic and international criticism being nominated as album of the year according to the Foundation New bands, apart from exhausting its first print run, and was recognized in New York as one of the bands representing the Reggae in Spanish alongside SOUL REBELS of Puerto Rico, according to the specialized program of Reggae " THE SHOW OF TERRY WILLSON "recognized international journalist who covered more than 50 presentations of Bob Marley & the Wailers around the globe.

His concept is a very original style of Reggae with Venezuelan and Latin American sound very social reality that this country lives and throughout Latin America, being the only band de Reggae throughout Latin America who works with Battery Electronics from 1,995, practicing mergers with a very sound modern and current, but framed in the Reggae with much pride.

ONICE currently consists of:

RAFAEL "Chico" MIRANDA in the Voice and Guitar. GENIS MIRANDA on keyboards and voice. DANIEL GONZALEZ in the Guitar, Bass, and keyboards. RICHARD SERRANO on drums and percussion.

Their participation in the International Reggae Festival of Mexico (RAZTECA), together with bands of that country, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Saint Vincent Island, have left very high in the name of Venezuela, sharing the scene with artists of the stature of Rita MARLEY, Pato Banton, Inner Circle, Big Mountain, the Wailers, Maldita Vecindad, Michael Rose, MYSTIC REVEALERS, Junior P, Cultura Profetica, SOUL REBELS, Rastrillos, Yerberos, Ganja, FIDEL NADAL, Pablo Molina, Tiken Jah Fakoly (Coast Ivory) and the advice of MYSTIC REVEALERS in producing their second album, they demonstrate the internationality of ONICE.

ONICE is recognized internationally in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, PERU, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, United States, Spain, France, England, ISLANDS OF Carib and others.

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