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Despite garnering a handle that suggests he's not in it for the love of the rhyme but rather a violent takeover of all rap, MAKE Entertainment’s own Sam Gotti installs welcomed hood emotion accompanied with a compelling mob-like soundscape courtesy of Syracuse rap music icon Mr. Makeshift. Sam Gotti’s personal growing pains as a disturbed inner-city youth allowed him the brashness to invite himself into an industry occupied with hard line street hustlers turned entertainers. Born Samuel Washington on Independence Day in a traditional Mississippi setting in 1985, Gotti was shuffled to Syracuse, New York as a young toddler by his parents Bobby and Sharon. As the eldest child, Sam inherited alpha-male status among his younger three siblings shortly after his father removed his self from the family’s situation. It was during these tumultuous years following the departure of his old dad that inspired many of the riveting album cuts chronicling that stage in Sam’s life. On a mission to emancipate his psyche from Syracuse’s south side and its lifeless backdrop of drug dependency and endless violence, Sam began exploring his artistic creativity by writing poetry at the tender age of 8.

Fast-forward years later through senseless crime forays and youth detention center appointments, a more mature Sam hooked up with co-conspirators Cusetown’s Finest to engage in a more promising future in the business of music as an emcee with an uncompromising ambition to be among the industry’s elite. The ‘Finest recorded a now classic demo at Makeshift’s studio which was well received by many, but the collective proved to be more problematic than productive as many of the lyricists were constantly absorbed by external obligations. Makeshift, moved by his concentrated passion and unapologetic flow, signed Sam Gotti to his newly formed recording imprint MAKE Records to rival rap hopefuls in Upstate New York and abroad. Now, armed with a supply of original tracks and a new recording home, Sam Gotti has taken it there with the HOT new mover “Why Wait” featuring Eric Blackwell. With the simple yet infectious percussion programming, this song comes alive with a brilliant chorus creating the ideal backdrop for Gotti to mingle with the ladies. With a debut sound that’s so live and thorough, many other rap acts come off as petty and immature as The New Felon On The Block gets his grown man on.

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