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Jeff James

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Combine one singer-songwriter's fascination with the acoustic guitar in an amalgamation of Folk, Blues, Rock, Country and Gospel, add a social conscience, a hunger for the written word, and a love for singing and entertaining, and you've got Jeff James. With over 2500 performances and 5 albums under his belt, Jeff has "Good, bad, or otherwise-if I can achieve a smile, look of surprise, or even a tear, from the songs I 've written or performed, I feel I've succeeded in reaching people through music" become an extremely versatile performer, adapting to whatever his environment throws at him. As a nationally accredited guitarist, Jeff finds ways of 'wow'-ing audiences with his percussive playing style along with some beautiful fingerstyle picking. Add silky but somehow gritty vocals (a cross combination of James Taylor and Gary Allan) which have been described as "unique" and "gripping" and you've found a show that people keep coming back to.

The Difference: The Live Show: So you're at a Jeff James show - you see a guy with an acoustic guitar and a bunch of equipment with wires and a bass guitar on a stand. The show starts and you hear this high hat sound followed by something that could be a snare drum and then kick drum. You think "Oh this guy must be using a drum machine"

No Drum Machines, it's all LIVE

Then a guitar runs a line and the guy runs over to the bass guitar on a stand. So now you hear percussion of some kind, an acoustic guitar rhythm, and a bass guitar while he's playing another rhythm guitar part while he's singing and he breaks into a lead. Now you're thinking "this must be karaoke or some pre-recorded tracks!"

No Pre-recording, it's all LIVE.

Jeff uses an RC-50 Loop Station to help fill his songs up with depth of more instrumentation and the width of improvisational lead guitar. The RC-50 allows him to play lines of guitar that get recorded with a quick punch of a foot pedal and plays back when he wishes. He then stacks other instruments on top of those lines - all LIVE.

With a songlist close to 400 songs for audiences to choose from, having Jeff James perform for your occasion creates a unique and memorable experience for your guests or clientele.

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