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TOV Rose

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As a Chaplain my goal is to provide counsel and support for Industry Professionals of all kinds, as well as up-and-coming talent and celebrities (by whatever definition you use for that strangely shifting concept). Our Chaplaincy services would be similar in concept to what military chaplains do, but in corporate and private settings.

Do we do Spiritual Life Coaching? Yes. Do we bring teams of chaplains onto movie sets, location shoots and into corporations? Yes Do we provide chaplains for bands and individuals? Yes.

I also do speaking engagements for corporations, schools, congregations, civic clubs, arena events, fund raising events and more.

There was a time when most Entertainment Industry studios and record companies had staff-chaplains offering on-site ministry services for employees and talent. The era ended in the early 1970's when liability laws in the USA changed. We are reintroducing the chaplains service to the Industry worldwide. What we do is a form of Corporate Chaplaincy, which has an 80 year history in Corporate America, excluding the Entertainment Industry. Coca Cola Corporation and Tyson Foods are just two examples of Fortune 500 companies that outsource employee care to on-site chaplain organizations. We also provide services to bands, models, authors, journalists and others in the form of spiritual life coaching.

In addition to Chaplaincy, I also assisting others through other avenues such as, volunteering my time helping both celebrities and up-and-coming talent protect their online identities from misuse by Pedophiles on Social Networking Sites. was the subject of a front page Wall Street Journal article on August 21, 2006. I am the Director. I am also on the Board of Directors of Child Predator Busters. The only organization of it's kind, well respected by law enforcement for their by-the-book approach to investigation and apprehension of Pedophiles.

Being involved in the Industry is in my blood. My family has more than 150 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry all over the world. I am a licensed minister with a background in the arts. I've spoken, taught, performed or preached in thousands of venues worldwide. I am a published poet, done television commercials and worked in theater, both as a lighting designer and an actor. I am a classically trained vocalist who's performed solo, with bands and groups of various musical genres. Other than voice, I learned my first instrument when I was seven.

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