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2 Live Crew

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Promoter and rapper Luther Campbell’s update in 1986 of early blue-type material resulted in 2 Live crew. Brought into existence in Florida, the group mixed the rhythm of rap with boombox bass, leers and sneers. Sounding misogynist to the core, Campbell and his group became more and more notorious—and the more outrageous, the more notoriety—resulting in national attention. But along with the attention came controversy over the lewdness of their act and censorship became a national debate. While Campbell has made two solo records, issued by his record company, Luke Records, 2 Live Crew has found the going a bit rough in the ’90s. Despite the release of two versions of Move Somethin’ and Sports Weekend —one “bad” and one not so crude—the public has turned its attention to gangsta-rap, leaving 2 Live Crew in the dust. Reinventing themselves as the New 2 Live Crew, life perked up a bit in 1994 with the release of Back at Your Ass for the Nine 4--which made it to number nine on the charts. But their originally shocking material had become ho-hum in comparison to the likes of really hard core gangsta-rap coming up and surpassing them in the areas of crude and rude performances. Despite such setbacks, 2 Live Crew is still touring and recording, with 1996's Shake a Lil' Something a minimal success.

1985 Fresh Kid Ice, Mr. Mixx and Amazing V record the first 2 Live Crew single, Revelation. (They live in California and the single is well received in California, Texas and Florida - one of the reasons that leads to the group's move to Miami). Rapper Amazing V leaves, and on their second single, What I Like, Fresh Kid Ice is rapping. Soon after this Brother Marquis takes the mike. After being their manager/promoter Luke joins the three on stage. 1986 Release of "Is What We Are" - the first 2 Live Crew album. 1988 Release of Move Somethin'. 1989 Release of As Nasty As They Wanna Be. 1990 In June a Florida state court declares As Nasty As They Wanna Be legally obscene, the ruling is later overturned by the Supreme Court. In September Luke Records pays George Lucas $300,000 for taking the name of the Star Wars character "Luke Skywalker". Two members of the Crew are arrested after an adult-only show for obscene performance and later acquitted. All members start to persue solo careers. Release of Banned In The USA - The Luke LP feat. The 2 Live Crew. 1991 Luke Records is ordered to pay MC Shy D $1.6 million worth of royalties. Release of Live In Concert and Sports Weekend (As Nasty As They Wanna Be Part II) - the last 2 Live Crew album. 1992 Fresh Kid Ice and Mr. Mixx record Deal With This as Rock On Crew. Release of I Got Shit On My Mind - Luke's first solo album - and The Chinaman - solo album by The Fresh Kid Ice. 1993 Release of Greatest Hits and Luke In The Nude - Luke solo. 1994 The Supreme Court decides that the 2 Live Crew version of Pretty Woman isn't plagiarism but parody. Luke and The Fresh Kid Ice team up with Verb to form The New 2 Live Crew for Back At Your Ass For The Nine-4. The songs of Deal With This plus songs of other rap groups are re-released as The 2 Live Crew & Posse. Release of Freak For Life - Luke's third solo album. 1995 In June, Luther Campbell files for bankruptcy. The tracks of Deal With This are once more re-released, this time with 5 new songs (mixes) as The Original 2 Live Crew. 1996 Release of Shake A Lil' Something, the first album not released on Luke Records, and without Luke as a member of the Crew. Release of Uncle Luke and Luke - Greatest Hits - Luke solo albums. 1997 Release of The 2 Live Crew-Goes To The Movies (A Decade Of Hits) and another Luke solo album Changin' The Game. 1998 Release of The Real One by The 2 Live Crew formed by Brother Marquis and Fresh Kid Ice. 2002 Release of Sex On South Beach

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